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Samsung SDI

Samsung SDI Improves PCB Development
Samsung SDI Saves Six Million USD Annually with Altair PollEx™

About the Customer

Samsung SDI is a subsidiary of the South Korean multinational electronics company Samsung Group. It is a leading producer of batteries, energy storage systems, and materials for displays. The company provides cutting-edge solutions for various industries, including consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and renewable energy. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Samsung SDI is dedicated to developing and delivering high-quality products that enhance the lives of people around the world. Its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and extensive research and development efforts have solidified the company's position as a leading player in the energy storage and display markets.

Their Challenge

When Samsung SDI transitioned to the electronic materials business, several challenges surfaced that needed to be addressed. The company had to move from digital display control circuits to battery control circuits, requiring a different approach to new electronic designs and related printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing technologies.

With this challenge a need for a capable solution for PCB design review, and verification was needed. Also, after acquiring a key player in the automotive battery pack business, Samsung SDI needed a solution that could setup and deploy PCB design review and verification where the design rules and user environment were centrally managed.

Our Solution

Samsung SDI evaluated Altair PollEx for PCB design review (PCB Modeler) and verification (PCB Verification). Paying special attention to the supported design rules for manufacturing (DFM) and design for electrical engineering (DFE), the objective was to manage and enhance the process from design to manufacturing.

With the user-friendly collaboration capabilities, PollEx allowed teams of PCB designers, hardware engineers, test engineers and manufacturing engineers to communicate overseas. Samsung SDI needed a solution that could also be used by all branch locations, but allow the design rules and verification environment to be centrally managed.


With PollEx, Samsung SDI successfully collaborates from a central solution with PCB design review and verification capabilities. This saved an estimated six million USD a year in overhead and prototyping costs, by reducing design iterations from 20 to nine and number of revision checks from six to three.

Samsung SDI uses PollEx for PCB design review and uses DFM to identify manufacturing defects early in the design stage. They expanded the use of PollEx with DFE, to detect electrical failures earlier in the design process. In the future, analysts will use PollEx Solvers for signal and power integrity, and for thermal analysis.

PollEx VerificationSamsung PollEx Model

Fig 1:  PollEx Verification for DFM and DFE (Left, PollEx PCB Modeler (Right)

Samsung Environment

“PollEx PCB Verification solution was initially adopted to reduce manufacturing defects and human errors of engineers, and thanks to it we could significantly reduce development and manufacturing costs.”

– JungWon Lee, Chief Researcher, Samsung SDI