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Hypermesh Mixed Mesh

Structural Analysis

Altair offers more than just Altair HyperWorks™, a leading engineering analysis and optimization tool, but their portfolio also includes powerful tools from simulation-driven design concepts to detailed virtual product validation and simplified modeling workflows to advanced high-fidelity model building.

Improve Design Process

Manufacturing Analysis

Altair offers a unique set of simulation tools to evaluate product feasibility, optimize the manufacturing process, and run virtual try-outs for many traditional, subtractive, and additive manufacturing processes.


Flux Division-1

Electronics/EM Analysis

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) have become key topics with the proliferation of connected devices, both for component integration and satisfying EMC regulatory requirement.


Fluids and Thermal

Fluids and Thermal

Altair offers a wide variety of fluid flow simulation tools whether its general purpose CFD, application specific tools for aerospace and aerodynamics or particle-based dynamics.

Computational Fluid Dynamics-2

Altair Partner Alliance

Download and use partner applications on-demand, just as you do with Altair products. APA partner solutions are included in the Mechanical Engineer and the Multiphysics/Mechatronics Engineer (MME) and Enterprise suites under the Altair Units license groups.

Altair Licensing-1
Learn about the different types of licenses

Modern Licensing for Scale & Value

Altair's licensing model allows to maximize the types of solutions they can solve at a lower cost.

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Altair One™ Portal

Altair One™ is a single portal for Altair’s products, accessible anywhere via standard workstations, PCs, laptops, and mobile devices.

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Our goal is to provide the best software and support in the industry. Specializing in high-end product validation, we combine years of experience with Best-In-Class tools.

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How to Shell a PolyNURBS Solid in Altair Inspire 2022
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Differentiating Altair PollEx and PollEx for ECAD
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Comparing Altair Inspire, SimSolid and SimLab
Comparing Altair Inspire, SimSolid and SimLab
8 July, 2022

When would I use Inspire vs SimSolid vs SimLab? Altair has many capable tools in its structural engineering suites, and ...

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