ATCx Discrete Element Method

Nov 30th

Learn how Tata Steel, Merck, AbbVie, Mahindra, Hyundai Motors Company, and other industry leaders optimize their equipment and processes using granular material simulation. 

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Boost Simulation Productivity with SimSolid

November Series

By performing structural analyses on fully featured CAD assemblies within minutes, SimSolid is the game-changing simulation technology for designers, engineers, and analysts. It eliminates geometry preparation and meshing: the two most time-consuming, expertise-intensive, and error-prone tasks performed in a conventional structural simulation.


Understanding Power Electronics with Altair PSIM

Dec 7th - 12:00 CST

With the acceleration of wide band gap devices and increasing complexity of converter topologies, engineers are looking for solutions to understand these designs better.

Join us as Guest Speaker, Albert Dunford, Power Electronics Applications Engineer at Altair, will go through one of the newest additions to the Altair Electrical Engineering portfolio, Altair PSIM.
This webinar will cover topics related to EMI, Motor Drives, and workflow with MotionSolve.


Using Altair HyperWorks CFD

Dec 15th - 12:30 CST

Altair HyperWorks includes some of the leading structural analysis tools on the market, but also includes some very powerful CFD tools that can be used independently or coupled with other disciplines. Join us as we walk through Altair Acusolve and some simple setups based on best practices..