Electrifying Your Product Portfolio: Revealing Practical Design Strategies and Enabling Technologies

July - Oct

 This webinar series will discuss novel, multi-disciplinary design strategies and relevant Altair solutions that can be applied throughout the entire development process to more easily and rapidly achieve product electrification business objectives.
Altair Pharma

Simulation for Pharma Manufacturing - Expert Talks

June - Oct

Powered by the Discrete Element Method (DEM), EDEM accurately simulates and analyzes the behavior of powders, tablets and capsules, and other particulates. It can provide key insight into operations and processes otherwise difficult or impossible to obtain using experiments alone.

Altair Solvers

All about Altair Solvers

August 12th | 12:00 PM MST

Join us as we explore all of the structural solvers in the Altair portfolio. Specifically, OptiStruct and Radioss. OptiStruct for Linear/Nonlinear, Static/Dynamic, Vibrations, Thermal and Multiphysics testing. Radioss for explicit and highly nonlinear problems.