Altair Future.HPC

May 17-18 


Altair’s flagship high-performance computing event looks at outstanding HPC-driven end results customers have realized in the last year.



Altair Inspire Cast

Fast and Accurate Casting Simulation with Inspire Cast

June 10 | 12:00 PM MST


Join us as we show the capabilities of Altair Inspire Cast. Learn how to identify metal casting defects like air entrapment, shrinkage porosity, cold shuts, or mold degradation. Inspire Cast can also show you how to avoid these defects.


Electrifying Your Product Portfolio: Revealing Practical Design Strategies and Enabling Technologies

Series Starting June 1


This webinar series is ideally suited for program/product management teams and designers/engineers who are responsible for or would like to learn more about the development of batteries, power electronics, motor design and controls, vehicle architecture and system integration, and multi-disciplinary simulation and optimization.


Altair Future.AI

June 28-29


Join us at our 2022 virtual live event to explore how data and AI help augment decision-making, accelerate innovation, and empower everyone in an increasingly connected and complex world.




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All about Altair Solvers

August 12th | 12:00 PM MST

Join us as we explore all of the structural solvers in the Altair portfolio. Specifically, OptiStruct and Radioss. OptiStruct for Linear/Nonlinear, Static/Dynamic, Vibrations, Thermal and Multiphysics testing. Radioss for explicit and highly nonlinear problems.