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Electronic System Design

Altair’s simulation-driven design tools enable your team of multidisciplinary engineers to collaborate across all aspects of electronics design including printed circuit board simulation and manufacturing, signal integrity, EMC/EMI testing, sensor design and firmware development. These products simplify your processes and help eliminate excessive design iterations.

Electronics Design-2

Altair for Electronic System Design (ESD)

Pollex SDI-1

Printed Circuit Board Validation and Manufacturing

Altair PollEx™ is a powerful PCB validation tool. Users find intuitive solutions for signal and power integrity validation, ESD protection, SPICE circuit simulation, and PCB fabrication, assembly and end of line testing.

Altair PollEx™ also integrates with major ECAD tools to provide a smooth workflow for users.




Wireless Connectivity

Altair has a complete set of tools to help users optimize wireless connectivity, including 5G antenna simulation. Altair Feko™ also gives users the ability to understand EMC/EMI environments, perform radar cross sections (RCS) and antenna placement and performance. Altair WinProp ™ allows users to extend that high-frequency analysis to understand wave propagation.





Embedded Code and Systems Engineering

Altair’s systems engineering tools, Altair Embed™ , Compose™ and Activate™ , let you design, analyze, and simulate your embedded system using block diagrams and state charts, then automatically generate optimal code to run on an extensive selection of microcontrollers from industry leaders like Texas Instruments™, STMicroelectronics®, Arduino®, Raspberry Pi™, and others.


Sensors and Actuators

To improve performance and reduce power consumption, use Altair Flux™ simulation to speed up the design of motors, sensors, actuators, and wireless charging.

Altair FluxMotor™ is devoted to the quick development of new concept designs for motors. Integrate systems in the mechanical, electrical, and control systems environment for a complete analysis using Altair Activate™ .


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