Altair offers industry-leading engineering analysis and optimization tools from simulation-driven design concepts to detailed virtual product validation and simplified modeling workflows to advanced high-fidelity model building.

Structures Division
Altair Inspire Structures

Altair Inspire™ Structures accelerates the creation, optimization, and study of innovative, structurally efficient parts and assemblies through collaboration.

Altair HyperMesh

Altair HyperMesh™ is the market-leading, multi-disciplinary finite element pre-processor which manages the generation of the largest, most complex models.

Altair OptiStruct™

Altair OptiStruct® is a proven, modern structural solver with comprehensive, accurate, and scalable solutions for linear and nonlinear analyses.

Radioss Division
Altair Radioss™

Altair Radioss™ is a leading analysis solution to evaluate and optimize product performance for highly nonlinear problems.

SimLab Division
Altair SimLab™

Altair SimLab™ is a multiphysics platform that allows users to build their analysis models for various types of simulation.

SimSolid Division
 Altair SimSolid™

Altair SimSolid™ does structural simulation directly on original, un-simplified CAD assemblies. It does not create a mesh.

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