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Elevating Your Power Control Solutions

SmartCtrl by PSC is a software solution aimed at optimizing the use of power electronics control. It offers a unique blend of intuitive design, advanced control algorithms, and real-time simulation capabilities, designed to optimize the performance and efficiency of power systems across a wide range of applications.

With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive optimization tools, and seamless hardware integration, SmartCtrl allows users to get valuable insights, quickly. 

Key Capabilities

The easiest and fastest way to design the control of your power converter

  • Steady-State Waveforms
  • Solution Map for Easy Controller Design
  • DC-DC Converters
  • Power Factor Correction Converters
  • Multi-Loop Control Structure
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Integrate with Additional Altair tools like Altair PSIM for a complete power simulation toolset.
Solutions Map

Intuitive Design Interface

SmartCtrl introduces an intuitive, user-friendly interface designed to streamline your workflow. Their platform enables quick learning and easy implementation, allowing you to focus on optimizing your power control solutions without a steep learning curve.

With drag-and-drop functionality and a comprehensive library of pre-designed control blocks, setting up your control strategies has never been more straightforward.



Advanced Control Algorithms

At the heart of SmartCtrl is a powerful suite of advanced control algorithms. These tools are designed to maximize performance in a wide range of applications, from simple to the most complex power control challenges.

With adaptive algorithms, your systems can achieve optimal efficiency, responding dynamically to changes in load conditions, input variations, and more, ensuring stable and reliable operation under all circumstances.


Real-Time Simulation and Analysis

Make informed decisions faster with SmartCtrl's real-time simulation and analysis capabilities. Our platform offers immediate feedback on the performance of your control strategies, enabling you to iterate and optimize in real-time.

This powerful feature reduces development time and cost by allowing you to fine-tune your systems before physical implementation, significantly reducing the risk of errors and rework.


SmartCtrl is available through the Altair Partner Alliance, which allows users to use Altair Units to gain access, in addition to the other tools on the platform.  

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