Altair SimLab

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Altair SimLab is a multiphysics platform that allows users to build their analysis models for various types of simulation. With the analysis community moving towards CAD integrated analysis solutions, Altair SimLab introduces a convenient way to move from CAD to a multiphysics simulation platform. SimLab has a powerful automated mesher and bi-directional connectivity with SOLIDWORKS and other CAD tools to enable users to conveniently test the performance of their products with the solvers in the Altair suite.


Powerful, Repeatable Simulation Workflows

Increase efficiency of simulation cycles with powerful and repeatable simulation workflows. Quickly evaluate different design iterations with live syncing to  parametric modeling tools including CATIA, Pro/E Siemens NX, and SolidWorks.

CFD with SimLab


Altair SimLab's ease of use allows users to perform functions quickly such as model setup of multidisciplinary, and multiphysics problems. SimLab also allows for co-simulation of disciplines, such as structural, CFD, electromagnetics, and thermal analysis.



Altair SimLab™ has built in tools for setup of automated results and convergence, design of experiments (DoE) and optimization.  Additional automation features like Feature recognition algorithms, process-oriented automation templates, and an intuitive GUI dramatically speed up the model build phase.

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