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S-FRAME and its line of solutions allows users to design, understand  and detail structures regardless of design shape or complexity, material type, loading conditions, nonlinear effects, or design code requirements. Evaluate commercial or industrial structures to ensure concrete, steel, and timber design code compliance for different regions.

S-Frame Product

S-FRAME Analysis

Use S-FRAME to model, simulate and create any structure regardless of shape or complexity, material, boundary conditions, nonlinear effects, or design code requirements.

S-Steel Product


Optimize steel members based on an customized list of criteria, design requirements and codes, and constraints so that you can meet your design and performance assessment needs.

S-Concrete Product


Design, iterate and detail reinforced concrete to multiple design codes, viewing immediate results as geometry and reinforcement frameworks change.


S-Foundation Product


Automatically creates and manages the underpinning structural FEA model as you foundations are created. Simulate with a linear or non-linear analysis, followed by a design-code assessment to produce detailed engineering reports.

S-Timber Product


Model and analyze mass timber and hybrid timber structures (Timber-Concrete-Steel models). Run a performance assessment on any multiple timber designs like: Dimension Lumber, Glued-Laminated Timber (Glulam), Cross-Laminated timber (CLT)

S-CALC Product


Ideal for areas having complex geometry/shape and multiple materials, S-CALC calculates over 16 unique section properties. Generate cross-section properties using different calculation methods: database values and FEA methods.

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