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What We're Hearing

Over the last few years, we have heard a lot of feedback about technology stacks in the CAE industry.  One of the most common comments from users is their existing tools are getting more expensive and less flexible at the same time.  Because of this, Altair has made a few adjustments to fit the needs of their customers.  

Why Users Switch to Altair

Feature Comparison


The Altair solver portfolio allows users to take advantage of industry-leading solver technology for both implicit and explicit analysis.  Compare Altair's solvers with others on the market and you will see that Altair boasts comparable solvers to the most well-known on the market, plus include more specialized solvers that are unmatched.


Altair One-1-2

Access to Other Tools

Altair's unique licensing model allows users to enjoy simulation solutions from the entire portfolio with no additional cost.  For example: those using Radioss and OptiStruct for their solvers, have access to the best-in-class preprocessing tool HyperMesh as well. Engineering teams can  also share Altair licensing units for added flexibility.

  • Sharable license model in both a hosted, or on-premise installation with no WAN upcharge
Altair Cost of Ownership

Cost of Ownership

Because of the licensing model, many users are able to reduce their cost of ownership in more areas than just their solver technology.  Instead of purchasing individual software applications, customers purchase Altair Units, enabling access to the entire Altair Product Portfolio.


What Else?

In addition to the above features, users are telling us there are countless other benefits including:

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