What is Altair Radioss?

RADIOSS is an industry-proven structural analysis tool that specializes in explicit dynamic analysis. It can handle a high degree of structural non-linearity in dynamic loading environments with ease. A few examples where RADIOSS is utilized in an industry are automotive crash testing, fluid-structure interaction for hydrodynamic events, drop tests, forming, and fracture.

Solutions for Complex Multiphysics

Delivers efficient, reliable, and robust multiphysics solutions to dynamic problems combining structures, mechanisms, fluids, thermal, and electromagnetic effects across all industries.


Radioss New


Irrespective of the vehicle, for more than 30 years Radioss has been accurately predicting crash response to help vehicle designers meet safety standards.


Ensuring the safety of vehicle occupants, Radioss delivers fast accurate results for airbag deployment and barrier effects with human and anthropomorphic test device (ATD) models.

Ships, Offshore, and Energy

As part of Altair’s full shipbuilding analysis solution, Radioss enables impact scenarios between ships and docks. Its fluid structure interactions (FSI) capabilities give efficient simulation of slamming and wave effects on shipping, tethers and risers on offshore platforms, underwater pipe laying and green energy production structures.

Blast and Bullet Protection

Whether on land, at sea or in the air, effective protection from the effects of accidental or threats from explosive devices or munitions are accurately simulated with Radioss, including terminal ballistics studies.