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Altair Radioss is an industry-proven structural analysis tool that specializes in explicit dynamic analysis. It can handle a high degree of structural non-linearity in dynamic loading environments with ease. A few examples where Radioss is utilized in industry are automotive crash testing, fluid-structure interaction for hydrodynamic events, drop tests, forming, and fracture.

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Solutions for Complex Multiphysics

Delivers efficient, reliable, and robust multiphysics solutions to dynamic problems by combining structures, fluids, thermal, and electromagnetic validation concurrently.


Blast and Bullet Protection
Whether on land, at sea, or in the air, effective protection from explosive devices or munitions can be accurately simulated with Altair Radioss™ , including terminal ballistics studies.


Crash and Safety


Altair Radioss™ is a leading technology and has become the standard for predicting crash response to help vehicle designers meet safety standards.  This crash testing also includes options for airbag deployment and battery electric vehicles (BEV).


Altair Radioss™ include a large library of test dummies,  road barriers, and impactors in order to provide the most comprehensive toolset in the industry for crash and safety testing.


Ship and Wave

Ships, Offshore, and Energy

Altair Radioss includes specific toolsets that enable impact scenarios between ships and docks. It's multiphysics fluid- structure interaction (FSI) capabilities simulate the slamming and wave effects on shipping, tethers and risers on offshore platforms, underwater pipe laying and green energy production structures.

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