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With a focus on design optimization and simulation, Altair Inspire Print3D enables users to create and print functional prototypes, parts, and assemblies with superior performance and efficiency.

Altair Inspire Print3D also offers access to a range of advanced materials and printing technologies for a customizable and streamlined printing experience.

Metal Additive Manufacturing Simulation
Reduce support material

Manufacturing Process 

By using Altair Inspire Print3D, you can optimize your designs to use the minimum amount of material necessary. This can result in significant cost savings over time, especially for companies that produce a large volume of parts. Detect common printing defects like delamination, deformation and thermal overheating before sending to print.

Optimized Part ready for 3d printing

Optimize Design Properties

Built into Inspire Print3D is a thermo-mechanical solver that allows users to understand the entire printing process from print, cooling and cutting. 

Also included is a vast library of materials for additive manufacturing for common printer types and technologies.

User Interface

Short Learning Curve

Because Inspire Print3D is built inside the Altair Inspire interface, it leverages the intuitive ribbon style GUI that users love.  

In addition to the interface, Altair includes self-paced or instructor-led training at no cost to ensure users can maximize their investment.

Key Capabilities

  • Understand potential defects in the additive manufacturing process like deformation, excessive heating and delamination.
  • Take advantage of a vast material library of additive manufacturing printers and materials.
  • Simple, intuitive ribbon style interface for short learning curve and quick results.
  • Slice and export file accepted by additive manufacturing printers.

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