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PSIM, or Powersim, is a powerful software tool used to simulate the behavior of electrical power systems.  PSIM allows users to model and analyze different scenarios, which can then be used to solve various problems. For example, PSIM can be used to analyze the effects of renewable energy sources on the electrical grid, or to simulate the performance of electric vehicles under different conditions. It can also be used to optimize power system designs, helping designers to create systems that are more efficient and reliable. 

PSIM is the most complete solution for simulation and design of power conversion and motor controls. Ideal for users needing power conversion tools for motor drives, power supplies, mircogrids, multi-level connectors and power storage/generation.

This adds a complete set of design verification tools from Monte Carlo Analysis, Fault Analysis, Design Failure and Effect Analysis (DFMEA) to all users with power conversion.



PSIM includes industry-leading tools for design validation, embedded code generation, C block capability and simulation and thermal simulations. 

The entire Powersim solution set is known for its incredible speed and ease of use and PSIM is no exception.  



Lightning fast simulation tool that allows users to perform a wide variety of simulations including: Non-ideal switch transitions, Fast switching (MHz), Switching transient and more. Quick simulations as a system level are simple and integrated with PSIM for complete solution.


SmartCtrl Pro

Taking the next step in the process, SmartCtrl allows users to design the control for both digital and analog power converters. 

Its extremely versatile solution includes options for DC-DC converters and power factor correction converters.

Key Capabilities


  • Power loss simulation - understand switching and conduction losses of switching devices
  • C-Block capabilities without need for a compiler
  • Embedded C code generation
  • Simulate high-speed switching without convergence issues
  • Validation tools including: Monte Carlo, Sensitivity and Fault Analysis
  • Co-simulation connection with MATLAB, Simulink, Questa/ModelSim and LTspice

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