Altair PollEx

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Altair PollEx is a complete Printed Circuit Board (PCB) level EDA verification tool from design review, signal integrity and design for manufacturing.

Quickly visualize, search, measure, mark up and compare results.

When combined with the rest of the tools in the Altair portfolio, it provides the most capable solution on the market for electronic and electromagnetic analysis.

Signal Integrity

Signal Integrity Simulation

Altair PollEx provides checks for signal integrity, power integrity, EMI vulnerability and ESD protection.

Verify return path routing, balanced differential pairs, and other criteria.

Users can apply this early in the development stage to predict signal distortion.

Thermal PCB

Better Collaboration, Shorter Design Times

Common data management across disciplines from concept to manufacturing eliminates design bottlenecks and errors.

Unmatched connectivity to all the major ECAD systems with export to Altair and third-party physics simulation tools.


Better Collaboration

Manufacturing Support

Increase efficiency of PCB fabrication, assembly, and end-of-line testing, with the export of fabricating, mounting, paneling, and testing data to production line machinery.

Design complex electronics accurately the first time with tools for PCB design review, analysis, verification and manufacturing assessment.

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