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Plastic engineering is not only material science, but it is the seizing of the outstanding properties of plastics in order to innovate and improve sustainability. Altair developed a suite specifically to help a plastic designer because they understand complex challenges inherent in plastics engineering from the initial design to the final product.

Altair Material Data Center

A comprehensive resource for material data based on validated test results.

  • Select from tens of thousands of materials including polymers, metals and composites
  • Use supplier specific material data
  • Engineering material data built on validated test results
  • Plastic material database from M-Base
  • Integrate with any desktop solver

Injection Mold
Altair Inspire Mold/SimLab

A modern, simulation-driven approach for designing manufacturable injection molded components. 

  • Reduce the risk of common manufacturing defects such as warping, sink marks, and short shots
  • Test and optimize various mold/part configurations
  • Perform advanced physics simulations including filling, packing, cooling, and warpage
  • Simulation of fiber-reinforced parts
  • Access to a vast materials data library

Multiscale Designer
Altair Multiscale Designer

Designed for developing material models and simulating parts made from materials like continuous and chopped fiber composites, honeycomb cores, lattice structures, and more.

  • Supports both forward and inverse approaches for model development
  • Both deterministic models and stochastic models
  • Methodologies for developing models for reinforced injection molded materials

The Altair Partner Alliance is a collaborative ecosystem unites a wide array of specialized applications from various domains, including simulation, data analytics, and product development. Customers benefit from the flexibility to use different specific solutions without the constraints of individual licensing agreements, APA products are accessed using Altair Units.