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Altair Panopticon is a real-time streaming analytics solutions that can help users gain insights into complex data sets and make informed business decisions.

With its customizable dashboards, machine learning and predictive analytics, easy integration with existing systems such as Altair SmartWorks, scalability and performance, and data security and compliance features,

Real Time Monitoring

Data Streaming

Allow users to analyze and monitor streaming data in real-time. Visualize true real-time streaming data and examine time series data down to the nanosecond timestamp. 



Direct native access to all popular real-time streaming, time series, SQL, and Big Data sources like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud, with no custom coding needed.


Customized Dashboards

Users can create customized dashboards with a mixture of visualizations, including charts, graphs, and heat maps, to gain insights into their data and quickly identify trends and outliers.

Key Capabilities

  • Visualize any data through real-time streaming connections
  • Connect to Big Data sources like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud
  • Customize dashboards to have important information available in a glance
  • Drag and drop interface allows users to modify existing dashboards to change with needs
  • No Coding expertise needed, build and deploy new models in minutes.

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