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Altair OptiStruct is a structural and optimization solver used for solving static, dynamic, linear, nonlinear, topology and topography optimization problems, and more!

It is most widely used where lightweight and efficient structures are needed. Great for optimizing for durability, NVH, or any rapidly developing products. Optimization types supported are topology for large design spaces, topography for thin-walled structures, or free-size for finding the best thickness distribution in machined structures or finding optimal composite laminate layups.

Altair OptiStruct Introduction
Complete Analysis

Complete Analysis Solution

Altair OptiStruct™ provides solvers for multiple applications including linear, nonlinear, vibrations, acoustics, fatigue, thermal, and multiphysics analyses. Solutions are quick, accurate, and highly scalable on both CPUs and GPUs.


Industry Leading Optimization

Altair OptiStruct™ pioneered the development of topology and topography optimization technology. Design and optimize composite parts and 3D printing including complex lattice structures.


Real-World Multiphysics

Couple solvers for complicated multiphysics analyses like fluid-structure interactions, thermomechanical simulation and electromagnetic-structure interactions.

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