Manufacturing Analysis

Altair offers a unique set of simulation tools to evaluate product feasibility, optimize the manufacturing process, and run virtual try-outs for many traditional, subtractive, and additive manufacturing processes.

Cast Division
Altair Inspire Cast

Altair Inspire Cast is a metal casting simulation that is easy to use and fast to set up.

Extrude Division
Altair Inspire Extrude

Altair Inspire Extrude simulates the metal or plastic extrusion process.

Form Division
Altair Inspire Form

Altair Inspire Form is a metal stamping simulation that features an intuitive interface built for designers and engineers.

EDEM Division
Altair EDEM

Powered by DEM, EDEM quickly and accurately simulates and analyzes the behavior of coal, mined ores, soils, fibers, grains, tablets, powders, and more.

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