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Altair Knowledge Studio is a data analytics and machine learning solution aimed at solving problems for data scientists and domain experts.

It provides a powerful set of tools and capabilities for building and deploying machine learning models, as well as for visualizing and exploring data. 

Predictive analytics and machine learning

Machine Learning

With its powerful machine learning and predictive analytics algorithms, users can quickly build and deploy models for classification, regression, clustering, and more.

R Code Data


Import from and export to Python, R, SQL, SAS Language, or PMML code to third party systems.  Or upload models directly to Altair SmartWorks Analytics with one click. Get operational in seconds and minutes instead of days and weeks.

Drag and Drop

Ease of Use

Designed for all skill levels, without expertise in coding required.  Import models directly from Python or R Code into the intuitive Knowledge Studio drag and drop interface to simplify complicated data.

Key Capabilities

  • Drag and Drop interface allows users of all skill levels to use
  • Import from coded sources like Python or R Code, without coding expertise needed
  • Strategy trees support prescriptive models incorporating KPIs and treatment assessments
  • Utilize weight of evidence, logistic regression, and  reject inference methods
  • Export Python, R, SQL, SAS Language, or PMML code to third party systems
  • Licensed with Altair Units model to allow access to multiple data analytics tools at no extra cost

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