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Altair Inspire Studio combines history-based design, freeform modeling and photorealistic rendering into one easy-to-use interface. Between the Altair Units licensing structure and running on both MAC OS X and Windows platforms, Inspire Studio is the most flexible industrial design tool available.

Geometry Modeling

Industrial Design

Inspire Studio allows users to use familiar workflows from 2D sketch to 3D geometry.  In addition to that, users can create organic shapes with geometry morphing, PolyNURBS then create manufacturing drawings all while capturing design steps and construction history.


Photorealistic Rendering

Built inside the Inspire interface, users can create realistic 3D renderings of designs for marketing or prototyping images. 

THEA Render, integrated into Inspire Studio, gives the option of biased photorealistic, unbiased and GPU modes.


Manufacturing Drawings

Once the design is complete, Inspire Studio allows users to create engineering drawings for manufacturing purposes.  

Capabilities include one-click view creation, section views, detail views and add dimensions and annotations.

Key Capabilities

  • Traditional geometry creation features like sketching, surfaces, splines and extrusions with construction history
  • Create manufacturing drawings from 3D geometry
  • Quickly create free-form shapes from scratch or based on solid geometry
  • Create high-quality, photorealistic images and animations from 3D models

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