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Generate Optimal Concepts

Generative design for unique and innovative solutions. Easy load extraction allows for simple workflow. Environment for hybrid modeling and fast rendering.

Maximize Design for Manufacturability

Check feasibility of manufacturing for both additive and subtractive processes.


Inspire Lattice

Lattice Structures

Generate optimized lattice and mixed solid–lattice structures, Quickly visualize simulation results and export lattice designs in an .stl file format for 3D printing or any CAD format.

Overhang Shape Controls

Design for additive manufacturing with overhang shape controls to help reduce overhangs enabling more self-supporting structures and reducing need for support.

Inspire Fluids

PolyNURBS Fit Tool

Easily transform generative design model to smooth geometry to study fit and function.

Dynamic Motion

Easily identify contacts, joints, springs, and dampers and understand the effect of dynamic motion. 


Altair now offers the ability to run basic fluid mechanics testing in addition to its other capabilities.

Key Capabilities

  • Create and geometry, defeature solid models and create smooth organic geometric using PolyNURBS
  • Generate dynamic motion of complex systems with automatic detection of contacts, joints, springs and dampers.
  • Best-in-Class OptiStruct Topology Optimization solver
  • Linear static analysis to visualize yield, tension, displacement and stress
  • Unit cell lattice generation
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Why Choose TrueInsight and Altair?

There's so many reasons but here's some of them...

Flexible Licensing

With Altair Units, users get access to an entire suite of tools at no extra cost. Maximize your investment by giving your engineering team the tools to solve more problems, faster.

Altair One Marketplace

Manage licenses and users, access software downloads, organize cloud computing resources in a hosted intuitive environment.

Altair Partner Alliance

Get Access to 65 additional partner software solutions at no extra cost.  APA products are included in the Altair Unit suites and give users additional tools in their toolbelt.

Dedicated Support Team

Through TrueInsight,  customers have an engineering team dedicated to answering support questions when you need them. 

Wide Variety of Solutions

The Altair portfolio has solutions for Structural, Fluid, Multiphysics, Electromagnetic, Electronic Analysis along with a robust Data Analytics solution.

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