Altair Inspire Form

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Altair Inspire Form is a metal stamping simulation that features an intuitive interface built for designers and engineers. Test your sheet metal stamping designs for thinning, tearing, and formability before cutting steel and creating a die. Users can also perform multi-stage forming, blank fit, blank nesting simulation, and more!

Inspire Form Introduction
Design better products

Design Better Products

Altair Inspire Form allows users to check the formability of a part early in the product design cycle. With Inspire Form, users can visualize potential defects such as splits or wrinkles, and then modify to eliminate defects and improve overall design.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use
Altair Inspire Form is easy to use with a simple built in workflow that allows users to get up to speed quickly. Standard training sessions last only 4-6 hours, although most users can learn Inspire Form applications with no formal training at all.

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