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Altair Inspire Extrude Metal and Inspire Extrude Polymer simulate the metal or plastic extrusion process. With Inspire Extrude, testing of complex profiles needing tight tolerances, quality surface finishes, and high strength properties can be done virtually before needing to cut any steel to make a die. Using a virtual die, you can set up an extrusion process quickly and easily.


Make Better Design Decisions

Make better design decisions by understanding potential defects before a die is built. Even the most complex profiles can be validated for production with Inspire Extrude.  These capabilities allow users to detect defects like profile distortion, damage from deflection, backend contamination, charge weld defects, bad seam weld, bad grain size, overheating profile quality, and poor surface quality which allows issues to be corrected early in development.


Intuitive Workflow

With its powerful set of geometry creation and simplification tools, CAD files can be easily de-featured and modified inside the tool.

Inspire Extrude Polymer provides guided templates for coextrusion, spiral dies, coextrusion with metal inserts, and film and sheet dies.


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