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HyperWorks is a comprehensive computer-aided engineering (CAE) software platform developed by Altair Engineering. It is used by engineers, designers, and analysts in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing, to simulate and optimize the performance of products and systems. 

HyperWorks, essentially, is the environment and interface that the best-in-class tools operate including: Altair HyperMesh, Altair OptiStruct, Altair Radioss and Altair CFD.

Multiphysics Simulation

Multiphysics simulation

HyperWorks allows users to simulate multiple physical phenomena, such as structural mechanics, fluid dynamics, and electromagnetics, in a single model. Built in solvers like Altair OptiStruct for implicit multiphysics, Altair Radioss for explicit multiphysics and Altair CFD for Fluid-Structure Interactions make HyperWorks the most complete toolset in the industry.



Reduce mass and/or volume of your design using best-in-class optimizations tools.  HyperWorks includes tools such as topology optimization, topography optimization and design space exploration, which allow users to find the optimal design for a given set of requirements and constraints. 


HyperWorks Interface

User-friendly interface

HyperWorks has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to create and analyze simulations, even if they are not experts in simulation. Altair also includes free training for all of its products through the Altair Training Center, whether its instructor-led, self-paced or recorded training.


Key Capabilities

  • Most popular preprocessing software with Altair HyperMesh.
  • Multiphysics simulation capabilities from structural mechanics, fluid dynamics, and electromagnetics.
  • Lightweighting and Optimization solutions.
  • Industry-specific solutions such as the automotive industry, which includes specialized tools and workflow templates for automotive design and analysis.
  • The Altair Licensing model is the most flexible and cost effective way to equip your team with the best software tools possible.
  • Model Based Development support, which allows users to create and analyze simulation models throughout the product development process, from conceptual design to testing and validation.

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