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What is Altair HPCWorks?

A suite of high-performance computing (HPC) solutions provided by Altair Engineering, designed to optimize the utilization of HPC resources for engineering and scientific research. 

This suite includes advanced tools for job scheduling, resource management, and workload orchestration, enabling organizations to maximize the efficiency and output of their HPC environments. HPCWorks is tailored to support complex computational processes, such as simulations and analyses that require significant computational power and precision. 


Scalable Computing Power

From small clusters to large systems, these solutions ensure optimal performance for any workload.

Support a range of architectures from traditional CPUs to the latest GPUs and FPGAs, providing the flexibility to tackle any computational challenge.

User hybrid cloud computing or cloud bursting at peak times or when need.


Cloud Bursting

Cloud-Enabled Technology

Users can choose between on premises or cloud accessed computing technologies. Access HPC resources wherever you are, whenever you need them with Altair's cloud solutions.

Seamless cloud integration allows you to easily manage workloads, scale up or down based on demand, and optimize your computing resources for cost and performance.



Resource Management

With Altair PBS Works™, an optimized workload management tool, users can maximize resource utilization and efficiency.

PBS Works™ automates job scheduling and management, allowing you to focus on core research and development efforts without worrying about compute resource allocation.

Provide secure access controls, data encryption, and compliance with industry standards, protecting sensitive information and intellectual property.


Altair Unlimited

Altair® Unlimited™ offers limitless access to Altair® HyperWorks®, our design and simulation platform, to solve any challenge, anywhere, and at any scale. Choose between a physical, on-site appliance or virtual access. Users can take advantage of the Altair tenant offering, or if they already have a tenant, this solution can be integrated easily, including AWS GovCloud.

Physical Appliance:

For those who need or prefer having their own dedicated hardware, Altair provides physical HPC appliances. These are actual machines that a company can install in their own data centers. They are powerful and fully controlled by the company but require space, cooling, and maintenance.

Virtual Appliances:

A virtual appliance is like a digital copy that simulate the functionality of physical machines. Altair offers these virtual tools, allowing users to access HPC resources on their own terms without needing physical machines dedicated solely to HPC tasks.

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