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Altair Flux is the low-frequency solver in the Altair Electromagnetics portfolio. It finds its strength in automating the design of electromagnetic devices such as motors, generators, coils, sensors, and actuators using an intuitive UI and scripting capabilities. It is able to utilize the thermal, electrical, and magnetic characteristics of components to estimate flux, saturation, and temperature in steady-state and transient conditions.


Electromagnetic Compatibility

With the advancement in antenna technologies, most industries are looking to develop smarter, connected equipment.  Using Altair Flux™ , users can develop appropriate sensing technology that enables accurate prediction of the detection range, measurement error, or condition of operation.



Users can take advantage of tools that are available due to the open-architecture environment of Altair Flux™ – scripting, macros, multi-parametrics. Fine tune models and solvers, capture and automate simulation processes efficiently.


Multiphysics Capabilities
Design efficient, silent and powerful machines using the smooth connections to the Altair HyperWorks™ platform to perform multiphysics optimizations.

Key Capabilities


  • Included preprocessing tool kit: Sketcher/Modeler, Smart adaptive meshing and defeaturing.
  • Solver capabilities include linear and nonlinear with ability to couple with HyperWorks for multiphysics analysis and optimization.
  • Included models for physical properties: Magnetic, Electric and Thermal. 
  • Postprocessing results include potential, flux density, temperature, electric and magnetic fields and mechanical quantities.
  • Flux Motor allows users to create, understand and optimize electric motor designs for performance, cooling and NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness).

Flux Users in Action

Leonard Bauer

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Model-Based Development Improves E-Motor Reliability and Efficiency


Customer Story - Motorola

Motorola Mobility uses Simulation of Voice Coil Motors in Consumer Cameras

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