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Services Offering

TrueInsight does offer custom training services with regards to Altair Engineering solutions.  Pricing depends on needs, inquiries can be sent to info@trueinsight.io

We understand that as incredible as your engineering teams are, at times, you might need some added fire power or specialization.  

Within the scope of our end to end delivery we stand out with:

  • Experienced project management, including scrum methodology
  • Flexible and adaptable to customer product development process
  • Conceptual Design, CAD, FEA, CAE, CFD Specialists
  • Comfort of single point of contact for multidisciplinary projects
  • Turnkey solutions – From conceptual design to manufacturing and production
Radioss IDES-2


For customers who need experts in the areas of CAD design and simulation, plastics design, advanced material simulation.  Structural, FEA, and Thermal and Discrete Element Modeling (DEM). 

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Fluid mechanics, multiphase and coupled multiphysics analysis allows for greater accuracy of engineering data. Couple with FEA, DEM or EMC analysis types, depending on customer need.

Electrics Services


One of the fastest growing trends in product design.  Work with our teams for embedded solutions, PCB Design, Wiring and Harness Development and  electromagnetic applications.

Manufacturing Services


We know our customers processes dont stop at the validation stage.  Work with teams that have industry experience with simulating manufacturing processes and tooling design.


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