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Altair Embed offers a solution to complex design and analysis of embedded systems. This model-based design software accurately simulates and verifies firmware before it is built from the simplest designs all the way to highly advanced non-linear systems. Prebuilt into the tool is a library consisting of the most popular chips, peripherals, and circuit design. These components allow users to analyze embedded systems in a wide range of applications, including motor control, power systems, camera vision, and systems with both analog and digital subsystems.



Altair Embed
Altair Embed


Included Motor Diagrams 
The included library of motor models allows user to test the control of almost any type of electric motor ranging from permanent magnet to induction motors.

Efficient Coding
Embed allows users to generate a block diagram for testing, then it provides automatically generated and robust code that can be loaded onto multiple types of microcontrollers for immediate testing.

System Verification
Verify complex embedded systems before moving to physical construction, ensuring that important subsystems perform correctly on microcontrollers and other hardware, including digital control on analog systems.

Altair Embed


Automatic Code Generation
Don’t worry about manually writing complex code; simply design and test your system and upload the code once it is ready for real world implementation.

Connect to Physical Microcontrollers
Take the testbed to a new level by actually extending the simulation to almost any microcontroller

State Diagrams Made Easy
Visualize the state of physical or simulated systems and the outputs of the design.



Embed Users in Action

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