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Motor Controls

ZT Innovations


As a motor control consulting firm with more than 45 years of motor control and inverter design
experience, ZT InnovationsTM offers unmatched expertise in their field. They not only design
algorithms but also the software and hardware platforms.

Final Iteration

Texas Wind Power


Texas Wind Tower, a startup pioneering the development of floating wind tower technology, worked with Altair to develop an advanced workflow for the design, validation, and optimization of floating wind tower structures.


Antenna Design

Venti Group


Learn how Venti Group helped their Tier 1 client optimize antenna design to ensure an efficient 5G network at the most watched football game of the year.






RF2B is a wireless design services company offering custom antenna design and validation services across air interfaces and bands. Altair Feko comes with a feature called finite array analysis, plus a built-in script that synthesizes the antenna array.


L&L Products


For more than 60 years, L&L Products have been providing unique solutions to the automotive industry. L&L Products reduced their concept topology optimization model build times by 80% by using the Altair® HyperWorks® Local Design Space workflow.

Accuride Corportation

Accuride Corporation


Accuride worked with Altair to develop an automated solution that cuts down the time teams need to spend on prepping surfaces and elements. The automated HyperWorks solution enabled the team to run a complete analysis and deliver reliable results in a shorter timeframe.

Hadleigh Castings

Hadleigh Castings

Altair Inspire Cast

Hadleigh Castings wanted to explore the potential of a simulation approach to their methods development to build a more future proof process, less reliant on individual experiences.

FE Model



Made with high-strength, high-modularity fibers laminated with the best resin, road racing bike PHANTOM at Duratec utilizes maximum mechanical properties of the materials resulting in a high-quality user experience.

Magnetic Flux

EVR Motors

HyperWorks, SimLab, Flux

EVR took advantage of Altairs Electric Motor simulation suite of tools, Altair Flux, Altair HyperWorks, Altair HyperMesh and Altair SimLab to optimize a new e-motor design.

Plastic Strain vs Physical Testing

Ford Motor Company

Altair Inspire

Ford employs Altair software globally to support the development of Ford cars, trucks, and heavy equipment. In this customer story, Ford Mexico team using Altair Additive Manufacturing and Optimization Solutions, created brackets with a better mechanical behavior and a more effective heat dissipation.



Altair EDEM

ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel and mining company, with a presence in 60 countries and primary steelmaking facilities in 17 countries employing more than 190,000 people.The DEM simulation provided valuable insight into the granular flow in the charging chute.

PollEx Verification

Samsung SDI


Samsung SDI is a top player as an energy and materials provider of rechargeable batteries for the IT, automotive, energy storage systems (ESS), and electronic material industries. A strong solution was PCB design review and verification was needed for existing and new products.


Structural Systems and Framing Layout

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

Altair OptiStruct

SOM designed the new United States Courthouse in Downtown Los Angeles to be an open and transparent public space, while also constantly considering the materials used in the project and the project's environmental footprint.



Altair OptiStructAltair HyperWorks

Offering a wide range of BIW noise reduction and vibration damping solutions and addressing problems encountered in automotive development, Sika is a key development partner for OEMs and suppliers.

Scheibel Main

Schiebel Group

Altair OptiStruct, Altair CFD, Altair Partner Alliance

To ensure perfectly tuned architecture and a lightweight design while increasing stiffness and strength, Schiebel used Altair solutions in combination with 3D printing. The engineers performed various simulations to optimize the design of AM engine parts.



Altair Inspire

Talaria’s mission is to develop an electrically driven PAM that can take-off and land vertically in urban environments. Talaria is using Altair Inspire to check whether material and weight could be reduced through topology optimization.



Altair EDEM

Wood is responsible for assessing material handling transfer chutes for crushed ore. The large number of transfer chutes must be optimized to enable the transfer of bulk material from one conveyor belt to another, and to adequately direct the flow of material.

Navy Ship-1


Altair SimLab

TEN TECH AEROSPACE & DEFENSE, INC. (TEN TECH AERO) provides multi-disciplinary engineering services including high-end mechanical engineering design, analysis, physical testing support, hardware prototyping, and additive manufacturing services.