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Altair Compose is a general purpose computational open-matrix language (OML) within the collection of Altair products. It offers a wide range of functions and capabilities for algorithmic design, data analysis and visualization, as well as system modeling. Included in this environment are the tools necessary for linear algebra, statistical analysis, and differential equations. Additionally, users can process signal data, design control systems, fit polynomials to complex datasets, and optimize models. For those needed to simulate complex systems-of-systems, Altair Compose integrates with Altair Activate for model-based development.



Altair Compose
Altair Compose


Data Analysis for Informed Decisions 
Altair Compose allows users to make necessary calculations, whether they are large one-time analyses or repetitive scriptable tasks, which can assist in making better approximations and expectations. This paired with powerful data visualization tools create a great testbed before real-world applications.

Low Cost, Wide Coverage
Everything Altair Compose has to offer is available right after installation, meaning no new toolboxes or packages are needed before the work can begin.

It can be used by itself as an OML, an IDE for python, or integrated with other Altair products, all of which are readily available at the office or on the go as part of Altair’s licensing process.

Altair Compose


Numerical Computations
Included library of powerful functions and solutions covering a wide range of complexity

Multiple Languages
Native OML, but additional support for implementation with Octave and Python

Scriptable tasks or calculations requiring multiple iterations can be fully automated and thoroughly debugged

Data Visualization
Plot almost any form of output data in two- or three-dimensional plots


Compose Users in Action


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