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Sequential Bolt pre-tension Finite element Analysis using Altair Products

Bolt tightening sequence plays a very important role in proper assembly of parts, as it directly affects the performance of the system. One of the challenges observed in the industry is upon tightening the consecutive bolts, the previous bolts seem to loosen up and also the stresses increase, so it important to follow the right bolt tightening sequence. We are showcasing this by performing bolt pre-tension finite element analysis on two plates bolted at four locations, we are studying the bolt tightening for two sets of sequences, by understanding the bolt forces, stresses, and displacements.

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Behind the Scenes: Altair Inspire Cast Meshing with SimLab

When running a metal casting simulation using Altair Inspire Cast, the model needs to be broken up into simple pieces that make up a mesh. In the background, Altair SimLab creates this mesh and delivers it to Inspire Cast for you automatically. For most cases, this process works seamlessly. In this article, we will look at one of the few cases where we bump into a problem caused by some modeling practices that are not well-suited for simulation, and how easy it is to use SimLab to help track down the problem. 

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