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What is The American-Made Network?

The American Made Network is a program launched by the U.S. Department of Energy to support and promote American manufacturing of clean energy products. The program aims to strengthen the domestic supply chain, increase the competitiveness of American manufacturers, and create new jobs in the clean energy industry.

The American Made Network provides technical assistance, training, and networking opportunities to entrepreneurs and innovators developing new clean energy technologies. It also offers access to funding opportunities, such as the American Made Challenge, which is a series of prize competitions that provide financial support to promising clean energy startups.

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American Made Challenges

American Made Challenges

The American Made Network awards prize money through a series of prize competitions known as the American Made Challenges. These challenges are designed to provide financial support to promising clean energy startups and entrepreneurs.

The American Made Challenges are open to individuals, small businesses, universities, and national labs that are developing innovative clean energy technologies. To participate in the challenge, applicants must submit a proposal that outlines their technology, business plan, and potential impact on the clean energy industry.

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