Altair Licensing

Flexible Subscription Licensing

Altair Units are a unique subscription licensing that provides customers with the ultimate flexibility. Instead of purchasing individual software applications, customers purchase Altair Units, enabling access to the entire Altair Product Portfolio. Engineering teams share Altair Units, allowing engineers to use the Altair software they need, when they need it, without necessitating the purchase of new software.

Altair Licensing

Specialized Packages

With Altair Units, you can purchase only what you need.  From Industrial Designers and Concept Engineers to Multiphysics and Mechatronics suites, users can choose which tools fit their needs without paying for costly extras.          

Altair One-1

Altair One Cloud-Based License Management

Explore further with dynamic, collaborative access to simulation and data analytics technology plus scalable HPC and cloud resources, all in one place.

Mobilize resources quickly to meet real-time demand
Cut down time-to-market
Scale easily and pay only for what you need
Data always at your fingertips and managed for you
Leave the integrations to us so you don’t need to be a cloud expert on every platform







Altair Product Matrix

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