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Altair CFD includes multiple solvers to allow users to solve the widest variety of problems with regards to computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Whether its for common CFD applications, or more specialized scenarios like free surface oiling, sloshing, aerodynamics or aero-acoustics, Altair CFD covers it.

The multiple CFD solvers allow users to work with common fluid mechanic variables like non-newtonian fluids, air/gasses, and liquids/fluids.


Altair Acusolve

Altair AcuSolve is a powerful Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tool, offering a full range of physical models. Simulations of flow, heat transfer, turbulence, and non-Newtonian materials are all handled by AcuSolve’s robust scalable solver technology.



Altair nanoFluidX is robust Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamic CFD tool, that leverages GPU technology. nanoFluidX is a fluid dynamics solver that can solve general free-surface flows, high-density ratio multiphase flows, and tank sloshing. Solving is handled by its rigorous GPU solver technology.



Altair ultraFluidX is an efficient Lattice Boltzmann CFD tool. ultraFluidX is optimized for GPUS to deliver extreme performance. Aerodynamic properties of passenger, heavy-duty vehicles, as well as building and environmental aerodynamics can be simulated with ultraFluidX in a fraction of the time compared to traditional CFD codes.

CFD-DEM Coupled

Simplified Workflows

Altair CFD solvers easily integrate with existing pre- and post-processing tools from Altair or other software tools.

Users can run coupled CFD-DEM simulations using Altair CFD and Altair EDEM to simulate particle-fluid systems like spray coatings, spreading and fluidized beds.



Altair CFD

Altair CFD – A Comprehensive Set of Tools for Fluid Mechanics Problems

The applications of computational fluid dynamics are broad, spanning multiple industries and requiring varying degrees of detail and analysis. For an analyst performing advanced computational fluid dynamics modelling or a design engineer quickly needing to understand fluid or thermal effects on a design proposal, Altair offers a complete set of tools to support each project.

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Key Capabilities

Altair CFD

  • Multiple solver options to give users solutions to a wide variety of fluid mechanics problems
  • Included within HyperWorks interface with access to industry-leading preprocessing tools like HyperMesh
  • Specialized applications for aero-acoustics problems
  • Optimized for use on clusters of GPUs for more rapid simulations
  • Couple with Altair Structural Simulation Tools for multiphysics fluid-structure interactions and thermomechanics
  • Couple with Altair EDEM to accurate CFD-DEM particle simulation applications

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