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Software Solutions

Product Lineup

Who is this for?

Altair recognizes the importance of start-ups as an engine of innovation in the Aerospace and Defense industry. The ALTAIR START-UP ACCELERATION PROGRAM is a testament of Altair’s commitment to innovation, aimed at supporting the development and growth of young companies to develop innovative new products.

To be eligible for this program users must meet the following criteria:

New Altair Customer ✅
Total funding below $150M✅
EBIT below $2M✅

What's Included?



Best-in-class Structural analysis with programs like Altair HyperWorks, Altair SimLab, Altair SimSolid and Altair Inspire.

Data Analytics

Complete end-to-end data analytics.  Data preparation with Altair Monarch, Data Visualization wit Altair Panopticon and Data processing with Altair Knowledge Studio and Altair RapidMiner.


Complete connectivity and electronics simulation tools including EMC analysis with Altair Feko, PCB Simuation with Altair Pollex and Power Simulation with Altair PSIM.

Altair Units Licensing

Instead of needing a license for every user, your company share a single pool of Units.

These Units are borrowed by users to complete tasks in Altair applications, then returned to the pool for others to borrow.

The startup acceleration program deliver a virtually unlimited pool of units that can be used across the whole organization, in each country where you have an office (or hired people working from home).

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