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Altair Twin Activate is a block diagram or “drag-and-drop” based tool for complex model design, development, and simulation. This multiphysics platform allows users to analyze the performance of intricate and highly customized systems of interconnected subsystems without the need for dozens of additional toolboxes. Activate comes pre-loaded with a wide array of signal blocks, models of physical objects, and electrical/electro-mechanical systems, all of which have definable parameters for more accurate modeling. Additional functionalities include integration with code-based modeling, as well as co-simulation with other Altair products such as MotionSolve and Flux for more in-depth simulation of dynamic systems.

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Remove Engineers from Isolated Silos
Activate can simulate models across a wide range of engineering areas, allowing users to not only model a single specialty, but also to effectively simulate expected interactions once subsystems have been fully integrated.

Better Results Sooner
Quickly analyze the behavior of 1D signal based systems, 3D models, and their interactions. Dive in and view what is happening within every block or connection of models and subsystems in transient or steady-state conditions.

Open Integration
Easily connect with other powerful Altair tools for more detailed modeling of almost any electrical or physical system.




Control Systems Design and Analysis
Use block diagrams to design anything from a simple feedback loop to a system of sensor and actuator models, logical operators, and interference

Create a Mixture of Real Signals
Include results from simulated electrical, thermal, and various other physical blocks

Faster Model Mock-Ups
Without simulating an entire 3D model, engineers can closely approximate design performance during the initial stages of development

Co-Simulation with Altair Tools
Easily import detailed and custom models for truer-to-life simulation, such as motor designs in Altair Flux.

Twin Activate Users in Action


Customer Story - Hitachi

Hitachi Lightweight Mining Haulers Optimized



Customer Story - Ankers

co-simulation using a combined multibody and brake systems mode.


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