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Subscriber Contest Details

On Dec 11, 2023 3 winners will be selected from the TrueInsight official YouTube Channel subscriber list to receive their choice of Apple Airpods or Google Pixel Buds.

Earn an extra entry if you refer someone else to subscribe.  If you refer anyone else, let us know who you referred by sending an email to info@trueinsight.io

*1 extra entry added for every referral that subscribes

In order for us to contact the winners, we would need to know your YouTube Handle by filling out the form to the left or your YouTube handle is public.

Existing subscribers are included.

To be eligible winners must be:

  • Located within the United States
  • Are a subscriber as of 12/1/2023
  • Have let us know your YouTube handle or your YouTube handle is public so we can contact you that way
YouTube Subscriber

Let us know you've Subscribed