Feko Introduction

What is Feko?

Feko is the high-frequency solver in the Altair Electromagnetics portfolio. It is used extensively in various industries for antenna design and placement. The ability to hybridize both full-wave and asymptotic solvers allows the program to tackle electrically large problems and a wide range of applications such as RF, scattering, and electromagnetic compatibility. It stands out from the competition through its ability to export data to WinProp for wave propagation and radio network planning.

Antenna Design

Feko is used to design a very wide range of antenna types, including wire antennas, microstrip, horn, aperture, lenses, reflector and conformal antennas. Also, phased arrays and with a dedicated and unique solution for windscreen antennas.

Antenna Placement and Coupling

Feko is the leading tool for understanding and optimizing antenna placement and coupling. Installed antenna performance is heavily dependent on how and where antennas are integrated. In other tools an antenna mounted on an electrically large structure can be especially challenging to simulate.


Feko Radio Frequency-1

Radomes, Including FSS

Radomes are a multiphysics problem; protecting antennas, contributing to aerodynamic efficiency, and delivering the desired electromagnetic transparency. Feko provides newFASANT models, the fastest solution to analyze radomes, including electrically large problems and frequency selective surfaces.

Scattering and RCS

The scattering performance of an object describes how energy is scattered when an object is exposed to incident fields. Feko enables customers to analyze performance for a wide range of electrical sizes and industries to answer radar cross-sections questions for automotive, energy, communications and defense.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Feko is a strong solution for EMC/EMI applications, and is extensively used for immunity and emissions analysis involving cables, antennas and other devices. It can simulate shielding effectiveness, electromagnetic pulses, lightning effects, HIRF, in addition to reverberation and anechoic chambers.

Radio Frequency Interference

From interferences between multiple transmitters and receivers in a site, broadcasting stations and aeronautical equipment, or wireless networks Feko enables customers to anticipate, analyze and mitigate RF interference effects including intermodulation, harmonics, antenna coupling, transmitter spectrum, receiver selectivity and blocking.